London Simplicity Circle


Interested in simplicity? Interested in removing all that meaningless clutter in your life to focus on what's really important? Interested in meeting people in London who want that too?

Come join our simplicity group in London (UK). It is a free event, a chat with friends interested about many things; self sustainability, removing clutter, saving money, thinking more clearly, voluntary simplicity, thinking about the environment, simple living, whatever... it's all good.

After seeing how many people were interested in simplicity meetups in London, I thought about organising a place for all of us to get together. Throwing money at isn't my idea of "reducing clutter".

Planet Earth

Drop me an e-mail if you're interested and I'll let you know what's happening. We're quite a new group, but growing all the time.

I'm only going to use your e-mail to tell you about this meetup, it won't be shared. I'm just a bloke with a computer.